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Standard technical support (“bronze”) level includes

  • Hot-line, which includes consultations about the software (by telephone, e-mail or via www-support server;
  • Sending out of software and documentation updates (including those related to changes in legislation and new versions)
    The installation of new versions of software is done using the ALADSYS.DOCman Tools.

Extended support levels (“silver” and “gold”) include:

  • Installation of new versions at the client’s premises,
  • Technical support of additions to the base version,
  • Technical support of a specific-made software versions,
  • Urgent arrival of Aladdin experts in case of system failure for the elimination of the problem,
  • Appointment of a designated support manager,
  • Client’s programmers consulting, that carry out independent development of systems additions, with changes authorization.

There is a possibility of on-line system administration and updates installation by Aladdin experts via the standard developers client software, which is connected on-line to the client’s server via protected VPN.

WWW - support server allows the clients to contact the technical support service in a faster and more convenient way. It also allows to track the processing of the clients’ requests and questions in the system.

Aladdin Products administration training

The company Aladdin-Systems offers an education program for the specialists in the administration and development of software products of the Aladdin family. The program consists of the following three stages:

  1. The seminar “An overview of the main Aladdin’s software products”. The participants will learn about the main software products developed by the company for the professional stock market participants; they will learn about the main functions and distinguishing features of these products. At the end of the seminar the participants will get a certificate.
  2. The courses of Aladdin software administration. The participants will learn about all the features and functions of the Aladdin software complexes; they will learn to administer and develop them efficiently. The participants will be able to strengthen the theoretical knowledge that they acquired at the seminar by using it in the independent work over the practical exercises. To enroll in the courses one has to attend the seminar “An overview of the main Aladdin’s software products” and to pass a test on the materials of this seminar and on the ability to use SQL.
  3. The internship program in the Aladdin-Systems company. By the end of the courses there is a test, which includes both theory and practice. All the program participants who pass this test Aladdin-Systems offers an internship program in the company.

All the program participants who successfully passed all the three stages of the program receive a certificate with a unique number.

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