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Products for Financial Markets

The universal platform ALADSYS.SQL (for MS SQL 2005 or Sybase), which provides a unified environment for the processing of information flows in the document-flow system, as well as automatic performing of various types of bookkeeping and reports generation - both in the paper form and in the form of electronic downloads. The tools for data protection against unauthorized access, for duties separation and audit trail in ALADSYS.SQL comply with the regulators' requirements; they have successfully passed testing by international insurance companies, and they are permitted for the use in the largest Russian banks.

The back-office bookkeeping system ALADSYS.SECURITIES, for Russian (in accordance with FFMS requirements) and foreign entities, which performs the bookkeeping for broker-dealer operations, as well as trust asset management for various types of financial instruments.

The modified system ALADSYS.Asset Management is the basis for the construction of solutions for the automation of the management of financial and investment activities for non-government pension funds, insurance companies, industrial enterprises, and finance-and-industry holdings. Additional subsystems and modules (such as the module of asset management for mutual funds and non-government pension funds; the accounting module for the operations with assets - both proprietary and those in trust management - for financial companies (complying with the Finance Ministry's requirements) and credit organizations (complying with the requirements of the Instruction 205- of the Bank of Russia); OFBU module; tax accounting and reporting module including tax agent's reporting) make it possible to construct a truly comprehensive solution.

ALADSYS.Mutual Funds Agents Network is the system for facilitating the work of agents' network; it allows organizing mutual fund share purchase/redemption orders input terminals, with orders being sent either on-line or off-line.

The Mutual Fund Russian Statutory Accounting Module ALADSYS.FUND is for performing bookkeeping for interval and open-end/closed-end funds in accordance with FFMS requirements. It may be combined with ALADSYS.Securities into a common system.

Custody system ALADSYS.Depo is for recording the rights of securities holders; it is developed on the basis of the requirements on document-flow in custodians and custody departments of banks, as well as recommendations from insurers and the requirements of international financial organizations on data protection.

The system ALADSYS.SDEPO is for special depositaries; it includes control modules for non-government pension funds, mutual funds, and the mutual fund's register module. The geographically distributed system for facilitating mutual fund's agents' network ALADSYS.AGENT provides on-line interaction between the asset manager and the external share purchase/redemption agents working in different cities. On-line and off-line integration modules for the interaction with trade venues provide the links with RTS, MICEX, SPCEX, the Stock Exchange "St-Petersburg", as well as depositaries, the internet-trading systems QUIK and Net-Investor, etc.

The system ALADSYS.Message (the geographically distributed document-flow and queues management system) supports the automated messages exchange between the ALADSYS.SQL-based systems and external systems.

ALADSYS.SWIFT supports automatic sending/receiving of SWIFT messages of the standard ISO 15002 on cash and securities at a custodian or a bank, or at a client of a custodian or a bank.

The client management system ALADSYS.CRM supports the overall planning and the work on the client base within a finance holding, as well as the generation of analytical reports and other functions.

The tools for software customization and applications development ALADSYS.SQL Developer (the settings related to document-flow, bookkeeping methods, business logic, user interface, interactions with external systems, etc) are available in full to the system administrators and internal developers of the customer company.

Other products

The billing system ALADSYS.Billing is for the IP-telephony providers; it allows keeping records on the client's calls and to carrying out settlements between different providers. A special version of the system for internet traffic billing is available on request

The archiving system ALADSYS.Archive is for the input and storage of documents' images and audio-video materials. It provides the stream information input, automated text recognition, automated management of scanners and magneto-optic discs arrays.

Trade system ALADSYS.Commerce is for recording the results of business activities of a wholesale trade company, as well as for the management of technological chains in the wholesaler's business. The systems includes the trading (i.e. sales and purchases) and finance modules.

The enterprise management system ALADSYS.Enterprise is a complex system for the automation of various types of enterprises. It includes such modules as sales and purchases, finance, accounting. It may be customized and enhanced according to the customer's requirements.

The main advantages of information systems of the company Aladdin-Systems

  • a well-designed architecture based on the finance document-flow kernel;
  • openness, flexibility, and customizability;
  • multi-currency feature;
  • reliable storage and processing of large data volumes;
  • possibility of simultaneous work of a large number of users;
  • scalability;
  • multiple platforms available;
  • possibility of construction of geographically distributed systems (remote offices, warehouses, etc);
  • possibility of remote users work (i.e. users working remotely on their notebooks);
  • graphic interface allowing the development of complicated reports.

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