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The company Aladdin-Systems offers a complex integrated solution for asset management companies that have the license for managing the assets of mutual funds (PIFs) and non-government pension funds (NPFs), as well as for trust asset management. This solution allows keeping back-office and Russian statutory accounting and producing all necessary reports on the basis of a single set of documents.

Depending on what licenses the company has, we may construct a system with all the necessary functionality on the basis of the following modules:

  • ALADSYS.SQL is the kernel of the document-flow and recording system and a tool for modifying the settings;
  • ALADSYS.Securities/Asset Management is the system for the back-office bookkeeping for an asset managing company;
  • ALADSYS.Fund is the bookkeeping system for a mutual fund (PIF);
  • Additional modules for the control of assets portfolio composition and structure (pension reserves), for the analytical accounting for assets in trust management, for reporting, etc;
  • The system supporting a distributed agents network ALADSYS.MF Agents Network

ALADSYS.Securities system allows the recording of proprietary assets and assets in trust management using the two Charts of Accounts - in monetary terms and in securities quantities. The system provides information on the cash and securities current location (e.g. on stock exchanges, at brokers, etc), on payables and receivables, and on current and expected settlements.

Bookkeeping may be performed in a single system for several companies, each of which may have its own clients. Proprietary and clients' portfolios may be divided into balance sections with different evaluation methods (LIFO, FIFO). For the clients' portfolios sections the weighted average or selected batch evaluation.

The system can process transactions with stocks, bonds, promissory notes, derivatives, and other financial instruments. It can handle exchange and off-exchange deals, as well as the deals concluded via external brokers. The system can handle securities purchases, sales, barter trades, repo and reverse repo.

Import methods allow uploading trade data from the exchange listings of MICEX, MSE, SPCEX, as well as uploading trade data of RTS and the Stock Exchange "St-Peterburg" from the Electronic Document Center system (TsED). It is possible to customize the import in accordance with the formats received from the broker. The system is capable of on-line interaction with various internet-trading software systems (NetInvestor, Quick) and trade terminals (RTS-Plaza).

The system can handle corporate actions such as stock conversion, cash dividends, stock dividends, securities maturity and redemption, and coupon payments with various payment arrangements.

The system supports transactions with securities denominated in foreign currencies and their revaluation by market quotes ("marking to market").

Besides investments in securities, the system can handle investments in bank deposits, real estate, precious metals, etc.

The system can calculate the asset manager's service fees and expense reimbursements on the basis of the pre-set pricelists - both on-line for each transaction and aggregately for a period; it can also allocate expenses by investor, by batch, or by transaction.

The system can produce reports on actual and planned cash flows and securities flows, on proprietary and clients' portfolios balances and their market value estimates.

The estimates are made on the basis of market quotes, which can be uploaded from files coming from various trade venues. Different sets of quotes may be used for mutual funds (PIFs), non-government pension funds (NPFs), the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation (PFR), and individual trust asset management contracts. The manual input of value estimates from independent evaluators is also possible.

ALADSYS.Fund is the accounting system for mutual funds - PIFs (as isolated property complexes) in accordance with the Finance Ministry and FFMS requirements. Whereas ALADSYS.Securities/Asset Management system provides management accounting for operations with the assets of a mutual fund, which is considered as a single client, ALADSYS.Fund system makes postings to the mutual fund's accounting system on the basis of the same set of input documents and also provides the bookkeeping for the operations with the fund's shares for each shareholder and for each transaction with the fund's shares. For each shareholder of a mutual fund, the system allows choosing an appropriate share evaluation method (LIFO, FIFO), as well as taking into account the additional expenses for tax deductions. The system traces the process of submitting and fulfilling orders for share purchase/redemption and payments related to such orders; it supports single and multiple orders, mass formation of payment documents for share redemption, payments tracing, calculation of distribution/redemption agents' sales fees (i.e. front-end load and back-end load), setting reserves for the payments of management company's fees, brokers' fees, special depository's and special registrar's fees, and other operations. Mutual funds with a large number of share purchase/redemption orders may arrange the automatic processing of their share purchase/redemption orders and payments, with orders and payments uploads and matching. The system calculates the fund performance indicators (net asset value, share price, etc) and produces all the reports in accordance with the FFSM requirements to mutual funds.

The system can produce aggregated reports required by the FFSM Instruction #33, with the possibility of download into the electronic FFMS questionnaire; it also supports FFMS requirements to mutual funds reporting (Instructions #03-41/, #03-42/) and the reporting on Pension Fund of Russian Federation (Instructions #04-6/ #04-8/).

The control module for portfolio composition and structure (for pension reserves of non-government pension funds) includes tools for setting restrictions and reporting on portfolio composition and structure and on the deviation of portfolio structure from regulator's requirements and fund's investment policy.

Accounting for proprietary and clients' (i.e. trust management) operations with assets may be done on the basis of back-office bookkeeping and may subsequently be downloaded into an external statutory accounting software system. We have acquired extensive experience in creating links with a number of external accounting software systems. The companies working with individuals may be interested in the Tax Agent's and Tax Reporting modules with the possibility of download of 2-NDFL report in the electronic format of the "Taxpayer" system using the classifier KLADR.

ALADSYS.Agents Network system makes it possible to organize mutual funds share purchase/redemption orders input terminals, so that orders are sent either on-line (via a designated line) or off-line with the use of import-export tools or via the ALADSYS.Message system of message transmission. The Agents Network system sends the orders and information requests to the asset manager and receives from it the statements on order execution results and answers to the information requests. As to the asset management company, it may interact with the special registrar in a similar manner.

Analysts and portfolio managers may be interested in the possibility of splitting the assets portfolio by manager (trader) and in the Analytical Reporting modules producing the reports with the possible categorization by asset type, by industry and sub-industry in accordance with the pre-set industry structure; they may also be interested in the on-line portfolio-monitoring functionality.

There are successful implementations of solutions combining the IT systems of a broker and an asset manager, or those of several asset managers of different jurisdictions, with the possibility of performing back-office bookkeeping for client companies.

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