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The kernel ALADSYS.SQL is a multi-functional basis for the construction of an environment for the processing of information flows in the document-flow system and for the corporate bookkeeping.

The information system built on the basis of the universal financial systems kernel allows:

  • Creation of a unified geographically distributed information environment for a group of companies and imposing a unified interaction procedure for departments and employees - on the basis of documents processing and routing system.
  • Automating operational tasks, bookkeeping, settlement, information search, and management tasks within one unified system, on the basis of the same set of documents.
  • Increasing staff efficiency and interchangeability, as well as speeding up document processing due to optimizing processing technology in the system.
  • Decreasing workload due to automating certain tasks in the process of document flow and the elimination of information input duplication in different departments.
  • Creation of a unified system of managing access to information for different staff groups; ensuring reliable unauthorized access protection on the basis of server mechanisms.
  • Creation of an effective control system on the basis of the document-flow system.
  • Obtaining up-to-date analytical information as of any moment of time.
  • Fast re-customization of document-flow routs and bookkeeping schemes in case of changes in the markets or company operation technology.

The system is based on the following mechanisms: a geographically distributed corporate document-flow; a powerful and flexible bookkeeping system; built-in development and documenting mechanisms; unified customizable interface; flexible user access system enhanced by powerful information protection tools.

Geographically distributed corporate document-flow
is the system of routing documents coming into the system from external sources (such as the messaging system ALADSYS.Message, SWIFT, import) or manually typed in by operators (paper documents). It allows customizing workplaces in accordance with the actual structure of the organization and the actual functions performed by the staff of different departments.

It allows:

  • Implementation of complex paths of document movement between statuses, with the possibility of document path modifications by system administrators.
  • Customizing documents interaction in the process of moving through their paths (generation of other documents, matching, etc).
  • Division of access to documents and to operations with documents (viewing, inserting, modification, running reports on a document, etc) between different entities, departments, user groups - depending on the document type and status.

As a result of documents processing, out-going documents are created; they may be downloaded into external information collectors (such as the messaging system ALADSYS.Message, SWIFT, export) or printed out by operators in the form of reports.

The document processing environment may function in the on-line geographically distributed mode, or it may consist of several systems that are linked with each other by means of a message sending-receiving mechanism or an import-export mechanism.

The powerful and flexible bookkeeping system is based on the following principles:

  • The hierarchical system of Charts of Accounts, with the possibility of maintaining different Chart of Accounts templates for each type of bookkeeping, with a separate Chart of Accounts for each entity, as well as Charts of Accounts for consolidated bookkeeping.
  • The system of analytics for postings allows maintaining up to 6 types of analytics at one account. It is possible to calculate the account balances and movements for a chosen combination of analytics.
  • Performing different kinds of bookkeeping (back-office, depositary, statutory accounting, analytical, etc) on the basis of the same set of documents. Flexibility in the customization of posting scheme for the postings generated when documents move between statuses; automatic deletion or roll-back of postings depending on the settings.
  • Multi-currency and quantitative bookkeeping in the same account.
  • Division of duties for operations with postings on different charts of accounts.
  • The mechanism of business periods closing and balances carrying forward.

The built-in development and documentation
The unique capabilities of the development and maintenance tools ALADSYS.SQL Developer allow rapid and cost-efficient development and modification of application systems without the use of compilers nor coding. The system includes a repository, on the basis of which are generated the server code and reports on the current data base structure, document statuses and their possible transitions between statuses. The system also serves as the tool for the development documenting. Thus, the system's internal documentation on the storage structures, documents, statuses, etc is always up-to-date. Forms and reports are developed with a special editor.

The openness of the system makes it possible to optimally divide the maintenance work between internal and external developers.

The Visual Configuration System for Business Logic and Postings, which was developed in 2005, makes the development process substantially faster; it also permits the Customers to rapidly re-customize the document interaction schemes, change accounting policy, and modify the operations recording rules without the use of software developers.

Technological features

  • The system is built in the client-server architecture, where the role of the "business logic layer" is played by server stored procedures, which are automatically generated on the basis of the settings from the system repository. The client part is a specialized browser with attached forms libraries; when the user logs in to the server, the browser shows the interface depending on the system configuration and the access rights of this particular user. The system supports remote workplaces connected via internet, as well as remote work via Citrix Meta Frame terminals.
  • The server part can work on Microsoft SQL Server or Sybase Adaptive Server (all platforms). The client part is realized in the form of executable modules MS Windows 2000/NT/98/95/. Realization for other platforms is also possible.
  • The system complies with the strict requirements of the international standards for information protection and access separation at the server level. The system permits the separation of access depending on document types and statuses, and also on the folders. The access rights to separate fields of documents may be configured.
  • The complex supports geographically distributed server systems and the interaction with external systems that is implemented on the basis of the messages exchange technology ALADSYS.Message or import-export tools.
  • The system supports remote workplaces, as well as web-client-based remote workplaces.
  • From the very beginning, the system has been designed for processing large volumes of information and for a large number of users. The mechanism of support balances calculation (i.e. calculating and fixing balances as at some moment of time and using them for subsequent calculations) and server optimization mechanisms are widely used. The system performance has been tested for large data volumes - of the order of several million documents and postings, and it has demonstrated satisfactory performance for reports calculations at several different platforms.

ALADSYS.SQL has been used as the basis for developing solutions for financial markets that have been successfully working ever since; notably, the system for back-office bookkeeping for operations with assets ALADSYS.Securities, depositary system ALADSYS.DEPO, special depositary system ALADSYS.SDEPO, agent's network automation system ALADSYS.MF Agents Network and a number of other systems and modules.

On the basis of ALADSYS.SQL it is possible to develop special configurations that may include standard products and custom-made modules, documents and functionality.

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