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This software complex may be used by financial and investment companies and funds, as well as banks, for the bookkeeping for the operations in accordance with The Statement on Bookkeeping Registers and Internal Reporting of Professional Securities Markets Participants issued by the Federal Securities Markets Commission and The Standards of Internal Bookkeeping for Operations with Securities for Broker-Dealer Companies That Are NAUFOR Members. It provides complete information on the operations at the stock market and on the process of fulfilling obligations on trades and contracts.

The complex is designed in the client-server architecture on the basis on the universal financial document-flow kernel ALADSYS.SQL, which allows rapid customization of the system to the requirements of each particular customer, as well as building up additional functionality and modules.

The complex permits organizing the document processing system for a group of companies, with the division of duties between different staff categories. It allows customizing user access to clients depending on user categories; also, it allows customizing user access to documents depending on the type of document, its status, folder, and relevant client.

The main functions

  1. Static Data:
    • Entities for which the bookkeeping is being carried out (it is possible to perform bookkeeping in one system for several legal entities, both residents and non-residents, using different Charts of Accounts);
    • Stock issuers;
    • Securities and securities issues;
    • Trade venues;
    • Market quotes;
    • Banks;
    • Counterparties, clients (both legal entities and individuals), depositaries/custodians, registrars;
    • Cash accounts (of legal entities and individuals);
    • Depo accounts (of legal entities and individuals);
    • Default settings for client's contracts (agency, trust asset management, etc).
  2. Contracts:
    • Contract types: agency, trust asset management - with the possibility of customizing commission rates, performance bonuses, etc.
  3. Deals and their processing:
    • Generation, printing out, life cycle, and execution control of clients' trade orders;
    • Generation of buy-sell deals with securities - both exchange and OTC deals:
      • Client's deals - on the basis of trade orders,
      • Proprietary deals.
    • Generation of trade contracts on the basis of deals:
      • One contract per deal,
      • The split of a deal into several contracts,
      • One contract for several deals.
    • Generation of printable documents with the possibility of download (into Word or Excel):
      • Buy-sell contract,
      • Deals confirmations,
      • Documents for securities delivery,
      • Other documents.
    • Tracking the stages of contracts processing,
    • Generation of obligations on a contract and tracking their fulfillment: on securities delivery and payment (trade consideration, expense reimbursement by client, brokerage commission and additional fees, securities delivery expenses, taxes, etc).
  4. Trader's portfolio:
    • Maintaining trader portfolios, with tracing the origin of securities and their status. Evaluation of assets in the portfolio (manual, LIFO, or FIFO methods);
    • The trader position analysis; blocking and de-blocking of securities in a portfolio;
    • Transfer of securities between portfolios - for the same client and the same asset places;
    • Reports:
      • Consolidated portfolio,
      • Consolidated portfolio with assets' market values,
      • The detailed report on consolidated portfolio with cost of purchase evaluations,
      • Report on the open positions in securities.
  5. Postings to Charts of Accounts
    • Postings on deals at back-office Charts of Accounts:
      • In monetary terms,
      • In terms of securities quantities and movements.
    • Maintaining mirror accounts for the control over the operations in registrars and depositaries - for the facilitation of reconciliations.
  6. Reports according to NAUFOR standards:
    • Report on outstanding deals.
    • Outstanding deals journal.
    • Cash journal.
    • Cash book.
    • Securities journal.
    • Securities book.
    • Dealer (proprietary) operations journal.
    • Deals journal.
    • Clients' deals journal.
    • Outstanding clients' deals journal.
    • Report on the client's cash and securities movements.
    • Trial balance for monetary Chart of Accounts.
    • Trial balance for securities quantitative Chart of Accounts.
  7. The possibility of running consolidated reports on the Charts of Accounts of different entities or divisions.


  • The Federal Law "On Securities Market",
  • "The Statement on Bookkeeping Registers and Internal Reporting of Professional Securities Markets Participants" by the FSMC,
  • "The Standards of Internal Bookkeeping for Operations with Securities for Broker-Dealer Companies That Are NAUFOR Members".

The main characteristics of ALADSYS.SECURITIES:

  • The bookkeeping is based on the stream technology of processing and routing of in-coming and out-going documents. The documents' parts and the order of their processing may be re-customized by the Customer's system administrator with the use of ALADSYS.SQL tools,
  • Automatic generation of documents in the cause of processing basis documents,
  • At various stages of document processing, there are checks of data input completeness, of securities and cash availability, and other checks,
  • The possibility of performing bookkeeping in one system for several legal entities with different jurisdictions,
  • The tools of financial systems kernel ALADSYS.SQL allow the creation in the system of new documents, reports, charts of accounts, etc; the re-customization of documents processing paths; the implementation of additional checks and automatic operations (such as documents creation, reports generation, matching, postings, etc) coded on the programming language ALScript,
  • The possibility of obtaining analytical data via standard reports on charts of accounts or via analytical reports that are run by the system administrator,
  • Data protection is implemented with the use of the tools of the financial system kernel ALADSYS.SQL, in accordance with international finance organizations' requirements of the level C2. Strict division of access rights to documents and their statuses and folders is implemented via server mechanisms on the basis of user roles. It is possible to combine the user access rights from several existing roles, or to create new user roles,
  • The system performs automatic recording of all operations with documents; thus, the complete audit trail is generated,
  • The flexible adaptability of menus for different users by means of ALADSYS.SQL tools,
  • Reserve dumping and restoration are obtained by standard instruments of database servers,
  • Standard tools for import-export customization.

The possible platforms

All the platforms for ALADSYS.SQL.

Futures and Options Module of ALADSYS.Securities.

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