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About Aladdin Systems Company

The Aladdin-Systems company was founded in 1993 for the purpose of carrying out projects in the field of complex automation of industrial enterprises.

In 1998 Aladdin-Systems issued the third version of its main product – the Aladdin SQL financial dataflow system kernel (for MS and Sybase SQL servers), which included the SQL Developer tool kit. After that Aladdin-Systems became one of the first companies on the market that offer to their corporate clients a sophisticated tool for independent applications tuning by clients' specialists.

The unique opportunities given by the software development and maintenance tools, which allow fast and easy development and modification of applications without the use of compilators, are greatly appreciated by the software developers in many organizations.

Opened configuration of the applied tuning of the Aladdin SQL system makes possible the optimal distribution of maintenance activities between the internal and external developers.

The Aladdin SQL Business Logic and Accounting Visual Tuning System, which was created in 2005, resulted the considerable increase of the applications development speed; besides, it allows the clients to easily tune the interactions of documents, to change accounting policy and to modify the recording operations rules without any help from programmers.

Financial Markets Solutions

Since 1997, the Company works on the financial markets solutions development, which are initially aimed at corporate clients.

The Aladdin DEPO depositary system, issued in 1998, was considered one of the best on the Russian market.

The Aladdin-Systems company is the absolute leader in the field of special depositaries automation. It is much ahead of the competition in the number and scale of the complete projects in this field (now more than half of the existing special depositaries use the Aladdin SDEPO software, including 11 depositaries from the Top 24 list).

The Aladdin Securities system for internal accounting of financial operations, which was originally introduced in 1997, for the first time, currently constitutes the basis for a number of applications, designed for financial investment companies, banks, asset management companies, asset management departments of pension funds and insurance companies.

In 1999 the company integrated its products Aladdin DEPO and SDEPO, and then Aladdin Securities and Aladdin DEPO, thus creating integrated systems. This was the start of the development of the unified environment for dataflow processing in the system of document-flow and recording. The system is able to support several recording methods simultaneously, all of them using the same input documents; it can also be used by users from different companies within the group.

In 2002 an integrated solution for an asset management company of mutual funds and non-government pension funds, and for individual trust management contracts, was developed in the same way on the basis of the Aladdin Securities and Aladdin FUND products. It has become one of the market leaders in the field of software applications for asset management companies.

The system may include the bookkeeping modules for credit and non-credit organizations, as well as tax accounting and reporting modules.

As of now, some solutions combining broker-dealer and asset management companies or several management companies of different jurisdictions are successfully implemented.

There is a possibility of internal accounting for various clients.

There exists the Analytical Accounting System, which can break down the reports by type of assets and branches in accordance with a given structure; it can also conduct on-line monitoring of an investment portfolio.

Integration With External Information Systems

Great attention is paid to the integration of the Aladdin solutions with other organization’s information systems – both internal and external. Aladdin's and the client companies' programmers together have developed a large number of import-export tools for the import of data from exchanges, depositaries, “bank-client” systems, accounting systems, automated bank systems. On the basis of the Aladdin Message messaging system was developed information exchange solutions for the S.W.I.F.T. and XML formats integration. We have also created on-line interaction tools with trade terminals and internet trading systems.

Geographically Distributed Solutions

In 2002 Aladdin Systems first introduced the inter-office on-line connection solution for geographically distributed corporations. In 2004 Distributed Mutual Funds Agents Network software system was developed. The system maintains the on-line connection between several branches of banks-agents and the management company by virtual private lines.

The Aladdin Message system may incorporate the certified cryptographic means.

Document Flow

The Aladdin DocFlow document flow system allows the recording of incoming and outgoing documents in accordance with the pre-defined rules. It can be supplemented by the Aladdin Archive document image storage module, originally designed for the Moscow Small Enterprises Register.

Security and Audit

The Aladdin SQL tools for user rights allocation and protection against unauthorized access were developed in accordance with regulators’ requirements; it has successfully passed the international insurance companies tests. Its “extended security” version has been certified for the use in the biggest Russian banks Sberbank and Vneshtorgbank. The Aladdin SQL kernel allows the complete recording of all meaningful users operations.

Project-Oriented Approach

The important feature of our work is the orientation towards the result. Aladdin-Systems offers the full complex of IT project completion measures, including the fine-tuning of the system, training, instructions, the new system introduction support, which is subsequently replaced by technical support. Some of the additionally developed features may be later included in the base version. We conduct both standard and special-made projects.

Product Improvement and Constant Perfection

Our existing systems are constantly being improved, so every year we issue several new products and modules. Among the new products that are not yet mentioned: the mutual funds register system, the promissory notes module for depositary and sertificate papers recording, module for automatic reconciliation with depositaries-correspondents via S.W.I.F.T., RTS Plaza terminal on-line integration module.

Technical Support

We pay much attention to the timely issue of correcting patches and supplements to our systems in accordance with legislation changes, to the improvement of our technical support service, to the introduction of the new support technologies such as remote administration and installation of updated versions, and the receiving of clients’ requests via web-interface of our technical support web-site. We also conduct constant modernization of configuration migration tools and updates installation.

In 2001 we developed the Aladdin Migration Kit, which is a tool for transferring data, including tables, indexes, storage procedures and triggers; it can be used for migrating the system between the Sybase Adaptive Server and MS SQL Server DBMS.

Apart from the standard (i.e. “bronze”) support scheme, which includes the hotline, software updates, corrective patches and supplements in accordance with changes in legislation, we offer the extended levels support schemes (“silver” and “gold”), which include the appointment of a special support manager, installation of updates by Aladdin staff, urgent arrival of Aladdin experts in case of system failure for dealing with the problem, technical support of a custom-made software versions, remote technical support with the use of protected Virtual Private Nets, and client’s programmers consulting, for tuning and independent systems add-ons development (with changes authorization).

Our Partners

The Aladdin-Systems company is an independent corporate software vendor; therefore, our cooperation with our technological partners serves the main goal – to offer our clients the solutions based on the industry standards and the technologies of world leaders that are optimal in terms of price/quality ratio.

The following are the partners of Aladdin-Systems

In platforms and software development tools

  • Microsoft Corp. ( from 2001 - Microsoft Product Integration Program Partner),
  • Sybase Inc. ( from 1996 – Powersoft Business Application Partner. From 1997 – Sybase Open Solution Partner),
  • Sun Microsystems Inc. (ń 1999 - Sun Developer -Independent Software Vendor);

In financial technologies in Russia:

  • National League of Managers (NLU),
  • Professional Association of Registrars, Transfer-Agents and Depositaries (PARTAD);

Developers of trade terminals and Internet-trading systems

  • RTS Technical Center (RTS-Plaza, CED RTS, DCC-client),
  • “MFD-Infocenter” (Net-Investor),
  • "Siberian Interbank Currency Exchange –Information Technology" (QUIK).

Certificates and Tests:

  • In September 2001, when the Depositary Company NIKoil was applying for risk insurance, the Aladdin DEPO system successfully passed the overall test conducted by the insurer’s representative of its compliance with the Lloyd’s requirements on information security.
  • In December 2001, the Aladdin DEPO system received the PARTAD’s Certificate N D.003.
  • The organizations using Aladdin Systems regularly pass audit-checks by the Securities Market Service of Russian Federation and the Central Bank of Russia.
  • In December 2001, the Aladdin SQL-based system successfully passed the test of compliance with the Vneshtorgbank requirements on security and information protection.
  • In June 2004 the Aladdin SQL-based system passed the attestation in the Sberbank of Russia and was recommended for use in the Sberbank’s branches.

“Aladdin-Systems-Ě”LLC possesses the licenses that are necessary for working on special projects in which there are special requirements on the contractors and the solutions that they use.
Licenses of the Federal Security Service:

  • For the development and production of information and telecommunication systems protected by cryptographic tools
  • For the technical maintenance of cryptographic tools
  • For the distribution of cryptographic tools
  • For rendering services in the field of information encryption

Licenses of the Technical and Export Control State Comitee of Russian Rederation (former President’s of Russian Federation State Technical Commission):

  • For carrying out work, related with the development of information protection tools
  • For carrying out measures and (or) rendering services in the field of the limited-access information protection (in the part of technical information protection);

License of the Federal Security Service

  • For carrying out works, related with the limited-access information use.

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